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Pitched green roofs 10-25°

ZinCo pitched green roofs

On roofs with a gradient of 10° and more, the green roof structure is significantly different than on roofs with a gradient of less than 10°. Shear forces are increased as the gradient increases, and the stress must be transferred over to the roof beams. The substrate layer must be protected against erosion. The plant species and planting method must be selected according to the gradient and the orientation of the roof. An appropriate roof surface material, e.g. bitumen or plastic, is a prerequisite for a lasting and durable green roof. The water insulation must be protected against roots, and a protection mat with a high water retention capacity is needed.

Floraset® FS 75 is a versatile plastic foam element that is perfectly suited for green roof structures on pitched roofs. When installed across the entire roof surface, the elements join well together with the substrate, preventing it from sliding. 

Technical information: 


   Jute erosion mesh JEG, if slope over 15°

   Floraset® FS 75

   Protection mat BSM 64


   Rootresistant waterproofing is necessary.



Roof slope 10-15°
Build-up height: ca. 130 mm
Weight, saturated: ca. 115 kg/m²
Water retention capacity: ca. 38 l/m²

Roof slope 15-20°
Build-up height: ca. 140 mm
Weight, saturated: ca. 130 kg/m²
Water retention capacity: ca. 40 l/m²

Roof slope 20-25°
Build-up height: ca.150 mm
Weight, saturated: ca. 145 kg/m²
Water retention capacity: ca. 44 l/m²