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Cell protection systems

Cell protection systems are used in slope areas or to support weak subsoils. The Soilweb cell system is used at stronger soil erosion sites where e.g. soil slippage occurs. Slope areas may be greened, planted, filled with macadam or rocks. When the Soilweb cell system is used for soil support in road areas, the need for filler material is reduced by 30%.

Traditional ground grids are used to reinforce existing subsoils. Ground grids can be used e.g. to make a green safety path for fire trucks. Ground grids are mostly used in parking lots or as road foundations. Ground grids also work as runoff water elements, as they are permeated by water. Our selection includes Ecoraster ground grids.

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Our products

The system is used to protect ramps, at dig and cave-in areas, for canal protection, in shore areas, in dam and river basins, by ponds and lakes, and in areas where a high load-bearing capacity is required. It also works as reinforcement in places where soil retention is an issue (e.g. road foundations, landfills, and land management). 

ECORASTER products are made with LDPE. It is environmentally friendly, flexible, durable, and resistant to frost and UV radiation. It comes in different colours.