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ZinCo roof garden

ZinCo is an expansive and distinguished green roof system from Germany. They have over 50 years of experience with green roofs from all over the world. ZinCo green roof systems are divided into extensive and intensive green roofs. Our selection also includes products for challenging slanted green roofs, roof driveways, and green roof solar panels. Green roofs and roof gardens can be installed on many kinds of roofs, roof terraces, and decks. The interest towards green roofs has been increasing in the recent years due to their excellent properties, such as runoff water retention, noise dampening, thermal regulation and absorbing dust particles into the growth base. A green roof, roof garden, or roof terrace can be a utility garden, a beautiful relaxation area with paths, an expansive and diverse green area with water motifs, or an easy to maintain blossoming stonecrop area. Investing in a green roof pays itself back in cost savings. Green roofs introduce more green areas in urban environments!

Our products

Extensive growable sedum green roof/low meadow or ready-made green roof made with sedum mat.

The intensive green roof is most easily comparable with a garden built on a roof. They are usually versatile and easily accessible. They require a heavier and deeper structure. Care is regular and depends on landscaping and the chosen plant material. Everything from grass to perennials and from bushes to trees is possible depending on the depth of the seedbed, including other landscaping elements such as ponds, pergolas, and terraces.

As a rule, flat roofs should be sloped at no less than 2%. Slanted roofs in this context begin at 10°. From here on, the structure of the green roof changes when compared with structures used on slightly sloped and flat roofs.

Almost anything that can be done on the ground can now be done on roofs and decks too, as long as the correct technology is used. For example, long-lasting and functional walking paths and driveways on decks and roofs require a well-designed system.

Green roof special solutions.

ZinCo system accessories.
Including edging, inspection chambers, the Fallnet system, etc.