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EcoSurface safety platform

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EcoSurface is a safe and seamless rubber ground covering. The product can be installed almost anywhere without extensive groundwork. The base can be grass, soil, paving, crushed rock, concrete, etc. Its rubber coating structure is self-supporting and cost-effective. 

New product in the EcoSurface family, that has not been coloured. The product is made from recycled rubber material. 

EcoSurface is a recycled rubber material that can be used like regular bark covering on plantations. Does not decompose, does not grow mould, and does not need to be refilled. Prevents snails from coming into yards. Appearance of bark covering.


The tree ring is cast out of ECOSURFACE recycled rubber material on top of a weed prevention mat. It has a slit which makes it easy to put it around a tree. The roots of the tree can grow in peace without any weeds.