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Our products

Watering bags 75 l, very durable watering bags for new sapling trees.

Wire trellis systems are used to support and assist vine plants. They improve the growth and development opportunities of vines.

Light and durable bags for collection garbage with lifting and tipping handles. Suitable for professional use.

Tubtrugs plastic buckets, two sizes: 38 litres and 75 litres. Flexible and durable plastic, frost resistant and UV-protected. 

EG vine and graffiti protection meshes are used in underpasses, walls, and other similar sites as protection against graffiti painting. The mesh makes it more difficult to paint a graffiti on a visible location.

Woven stainless mesh PP 50 / 4.0 mm, frame 50 x 50 x 2 mm

Angle iron, fastened onto wall with wedge anchors.