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Milkant edging elements

Edge strip elements and park products

MilKant edging elements are available in many different materials and surface finishes, including aluminium, steel, galvanised steel, Corten steel. Standard dimensions are mentioned in the product datasheets. Edgings are available as straight or bendable types. Planters can be made to order with the desired height. With DWG files, we can have custom planters made. The planters are self-supporting and sturdy, meaning that they are not fastened into place. An excellent option for roof gardens or deck yards.


e.g. limiting safety liners, limiting different materials on e.g. yards and public locations.



Our products

AluExcel is one of the leading solutions for creating exact edgings where different pavements meet. The system is ideal for edging between soft and hard materials, such as asphalt, concrete, granite plates, pavement stones, etc.

Borderline is the perfect steel edge solution for subtle but efficient and long-term linings of lawns and plantations.

A unique assembly and affixing method makes the Borderline a quicker and more easily installed solution than other modifications on the market, which makes it the more popular choice for gardens and projects that cause low loading.

The Contrast series is the most sturdy edging in the MilKant family. Strength is of course one of the main properties of the sturdy steel units, making them suitable for edgings with elevation differences. Strength is also required in areas with heavy traffic and heavy stress. The series is ideal for elevated plantings and paths that have elevation differences, and it will retain its original shape for years.

Outline is the first mass-produced steel edge system in Scandinavia that uses the innovative profile rolling technology. Outline is a steel edge system without sharp edges; this makes it suitable for places where children and the elderly move around. Can be used for e.g. parks, schoolyards, playgrounds, nursing homes, and places with nearby pedestrian roads.

Outline LINJE is developed especially for long and straight lines.

MilKant RoofEdge is a specially designed aluminium edge unit that is specially developed for roof gardens and roof plantations.

Wave is made of recycled aluminium, being an economical and an environmentally friendly edging for various projects.

Use the Wave for example to create clean borders between a lawn and plantations, or to line a gravel path or other porous surfaces. The bendy aluminium units can also be used to create curved plantation areas and winding paths.