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Milkant edge strips

Borderline is the perfect steel edge solution for subtle but efficient and long-term linings of lawns and plantations.

A unique assembly and affixing method makes the Borderline a quicker and more easily installed solution than other modifications on the market, which makes it the more popular choice for gardens and projects that cause low loading.

Borderline is available in three finishes: untreated steel, brown painted, and galvanised steel. All kinds of bendy and unique curves as well as straight lines.

Technical information: 
Art. no. Height Thickness Lenght Material Fasteners
BL100US 100 mm 3 mm 2000 mm Untreated 3 pcs/length
BL100GS 100 mm 3 mm 2000 mm Galvanized steel 3 pcs/length
BL100BS 100 mm 3 mm 2000 mm Brownpainted 3 pcs/length