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Milkant edge strips

MilKant RoofEdge is a specially designed aluminium edge unit that is specially developed for roof gardens and roof plantations.

RoofEdge has some unique properties that make it particularly suitable for these kinds of projects. The wide foot sole provides stability that is necessary as the edges cannot be anchored and as the many vertical openings allow water to pass through sideways over the roof structure, preventing unwanted water accumulation.

RoofEdge units come in 4 different heights, and they can also be custom made.

Technical information: 
Art. no. Height Width Thickness Length Material
RE150M 100 mm 150 mm 2 mm 2500 mm Aluminum
RE100M 100 mm 100 mm 2 mm 2500 mm Aluminum
RE75M 75 mm 100 mm 2 mm 2500 mm Aluminum
RE50M 50 mm 100 mm 2 mm 2500 mm Aluminum