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Water plant mats

Shrub and water plant mats

Water plant mats are intended for erosion problems on the shores of lakes, oceans, or other bodies of water. The ready to use plant mat ties in particles and creates beautiful flowering environments near water. The mats can also be used as natural water reservoirs in day reservoirs or overflow areas. At the same time, they act as underlying vegetation areas, bindin fertiliser compositions within the water and accelerate the formation of other plant life.

A water plant mat consists of coir fibre. The mat does not contain soil, the plants grow directly in the coir fibre.

The delivered mats are thoroughly rooted, and they will therefore take root in their substrate easily. When the coir fibres dissolve in time, the plants will be tightly attached to the substrate. 

The mat is installed in place with wooden pegs which are used to anchor the mat into the soil; this way it cannot move. Water plant mats can also be anchored with crushed rock or small stones which are installed directly on top of the mat.

There are other solutions available for erosion problems close to the water line, such as gabion baskets, woven erosion blankets, or coir fibre mats.