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Pilebyg willow noise barrier

Noise barrier

NATURAL WILLOW NOISE BARRIER is a well-tested noise barrier concept that protects and reduces noise. The concept includes tested and patented solutions where natural shapes have been developed to meet contemporary technological requirements and functional needs. It has become apparent that the natural willow noise barrier is one of the most flexible noise barriers on the market. The lifespan of the debarked willow noise barrier is up to 36-40 years. The willow noise barrier eventually adopts an aesthetic grey colour. The noise barrier can be lightened by installing window elements either as top or intermediate elements.

Noise barriers create significant visual changes in both urban and open landscapes. Selecting the correct noise barrier is thus a significant factor both aesthetically and technologically. Willow tree has always been a part of our landscape. This historical tradition forms a "natural noise barrier", which is  developed with an eye on modern functionality and aesthetic design.

Alternatives include debarked willow which can be used to make both sides of the noise barrier which become grey gradually. Another alternative is to use debarked willow on one side and to build a ready-made willow green wall on the other side, which grows in its new location. The component elements are delivered complete and assembled into one noise barrier on site. They can be installed on their own acacia poles, or a concrete plinth can be cast for them.

Noise barriers are competitive both functionally and economically. They have several applications: open ground or densely populated areas and industrial regions, minimal spaces or steep slopes. Noise barriers have been used for several years, and they can be adapted to their installation sites both technologically and aesthetically. Natural noise barriers have been included in the sample collections of the Danish Road Traffic Authority for years. Several projects have also been described in the Danish Road Traffic Authority’s publication “Smukke Veje” (Beautiful Roads).

The willow noise barrier is CE certified and approved pursuant to DS/EN 14-388 (the noise wall CE certification requirement was introduced in 2007). Approved for the highest noise reduction and absorption class.

The structure of the willow noise barrier can be changed. Both sides can be made with drying pressure washed willow, or one side can be a growing willow green wall. In case of a public road, the other side can also be made with the more affordable option of rock wool + net, if cost savings are sought after.

Other elements similar to the willow noise barrier are also available with other materials, such as oak plank lining, ask for options.

The willows used in the willow walls are 4-5 years old.


Technical information: 

Noise reduction: 240 mm core = 32 dB and 120 mm core = 22dB

Noise absorbation: 240 mm core = 5 dB and 120 mm core = 9 dB

Airborne sound insulation figure Rw-value: 240 mm core = 37 and 120 mm core = 26



Living green wall/facade 240 mm: max height 4000 mm and width 440 mm

Peeled willow/facade 240 mm: max height 3500 mm and width 450 mm

Economy: height 4000 mm and width 2500/3500 mm