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Nordic Green Roof™ domestic sedum mat

Nordic Green Roof® sedum green roof

Nordic Green Roof™, the domestic fireproofed sedum mat

In 2012, we started growing the domestic fire certified sedum mat in Tammisaari at Raasepori. We only use domestic species in the sedum mat. Our basic selection includes a sedum mat with 8-15 different sedum species/sister and sub-species.   The versatile Nordic Green Roof™ sedum mat can survive all over Finland thanks to its diverse species selection. The growth location determines which species can thrive and which will be eliminated. In the shade, moss may start spreading in the sedum mat. Damages can be repaired with the Nordic Green Roof™ soil material and sedum cuttings (recommended thickness 40 mm). By special order, a similar mat can be grown with certain species only, minimum growth period 6 months.

When selecting the growth location, the roof’s climate and the surrounding plant life need to be taken into account. If there are plenty of trees around, leaves and needles should be raked or blown off the roof in the spring and autumn. In locations where there is plenty of sunlight and wind, a spring irrigation 1 or 2 times will facilitate the revitalisation of the plant life.

Stonecrop species include Sedum acre, Sedum spurium, Sedum album, Sedum reflexum, Sedum hybridum. We also use Dianthus deltoides, Armeria maritima, and Thymus serphyllum.

The sedum green roof is FIREPROOF STANDARD NT-PALO 006 CERTIFIED (Nordic standard). The green roof can also be built on bitumen insulated facades or chimney structures.


- High water retention capacity, 50 to 80% of rainfall is stored in the stonecrop growth and evaporates, which reduces daily water loading and water consumption
- Binds dust and impurities
- Noise insulation e.g. 40dB with a growth of 12cm
- Suitable for use on small and large roof surfaces
- Improves the climate due to the layer of plantlife
- Does not heat the roof surface and cause reflecting radiation
- Slow evaporation keeps interiors cool in the summer
- Increases the lifespan on roof covers
- Reduces temperature changes from up to 80 to 25 degrees
- Guarantees a UV-protection for roof surfaces
- Keeps heat, reduces interior cooling in the winter
- Creates living conditions for animals and plants
- Improves ecological balance
- Reduces heating costs