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Edge strip elements and park products

There is a comprehensive MILPLANT brochure available for park products, featuring  e.g. metal tree guards and grilles, DuckBill tree anchoring products, irrigation systems for new trees, irrigation bags, tree support collars and e.g. the StrataCell tree planter cell that allows the roots to use the soil with an efficiency of 94%. 

See the MilPlant product brochure!

Our products

Good oxygen availability, water, and nutrients are prerequisites for good root growth and healthy trees.

Milford irrigation and aeration systems are the solution for many problems encountered by recently planted and fully grown trees.

Trees may need help to stay standing until the roots are fully grown; this applies to tall trees in particular in relation to their root balls.

Recently planted trees cannot grow new roots if the root ball moves around. Tree supports ensure that root balls remain stable and can handle external influences.

Tree roots are extremely powerful and can cause significant damage to underground structures and building foundations. When planting, information should be acquired about the underground environment and a suitable root barrier installed to allow the roots to grow without coming into conflict with the surrounding installations and pavements.

Protecting a recently planted tree can be the deciding factor in its success. In some places traffic can be so heavy that even fully grown trees need protection.

Trees in the city can be vandalised and damaged by bikes, cars, and garbage trucks, people celebrating, pets, etc. It might be a good idea to found a permanent protection for trees in areas of such heavy traffic.

Available in two sizes: 450 mm and 750 mm.