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Tree protection


Protecting a recently planted tree can be the deciding factor in its success. In some places traffic can be so heavy that even fully grown trees need protection.

Trees in the city can be vandalised and damaged by bikes, cars, and garbage trucks, people celebrating, pets, etc. It might be a good idea to found a permanent protection for trees in areas of such heavy traffic.

A visible protection in the shape of a tree guard and a tree grille is part of urban landscape and thus serves an important design function.

Our products

MilPlus tree grilles come in various standard models and as MilPlus-Art special tree grilles that are made according to the client’s design and dimensions.

MilPlus tree guards are currently available in two models - Sahara and Mojave. 

ArborResin consists of stones glued together, meaning that the rock material will stay in place in the tree hole. Garbage trucks and other vehicles can pass the area by without damaging the overall landscape. At the same time, ArborResin lets water and oxygen through to the roots