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Fallnet® fall protection system

ZinCo accessories

ZinCo offers good security for both people and buildings with their innovative Fallnet® solution, which is designed especially for green roofs. There are several Fallnet® fixtures available, none of them require perforation of the roof structure, and they are all based on the idea of using the weight of the green roof as the required ballast.

For example, the Fallnet® SR fastener consists of interconnected mesh elements and a central fixing point made of stainless steel. It provides new opportunities for flexibility, and it can be applied to nearly all building requirements and shapes. Skylights, water drainage holes, and roof feedthroughs can be intelligently embedded into the Fallnet® SR. The mesh system is simply placed on top of the drain layer, and the substrate weight keeps it in place. All Fallnet® systems provide interesting solutions for safety harness anchor points without perforations in the water insulation. No matter what the substructure is like, installation is possible on most flat roofs with a gradient of maximum 5°, provided that the load capacity can take the required minimum weight (up to 130 kg/m² dry weight). The system can be supplemented with personal protective equipment (ZinCo PPE-Set) and with ZinCo safety railing systems.