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EcoSurface recycled rubber ground bark

EcoSurface safety platform

EcoSurface is a recycled rubber material that can be used like regular bark covering on plantations. Does not decompose, does not grow mould, and does not need to be refilled. Prevents snails from coming into yards. Appearance of bark covering.



- The bark does not degrade
- Does not hold water or get humid
- Animals don't like the material
- Does not spread with the wind or break
- Does not get flushed away with the water
- Does not require raking or adding more material
- Prevents weeds, molds and fungus


- Shredded rubber material (no big pieces)
- Pleasant under feet
- Adds natural estetics
- Metal- and fiber free (no pneumatic tires used)
- Better covering features (less material needed)
- Very safe
- Dyed with organic pigments, no paint
- Simple dyeing process (no glues or drying processes)
- 5 year warranty for colour
- Classified as play safe
- Fireproof