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EcoSurface safety platform, coloured with earth pigments

EcoSurface safety platform

ECOSURFACE is a safety liner and covering material. Its rubber coating structure is self-supporting and permeable. It can be used to cover even small and difficult areas in a cost-effective manner. The product is mainly used at playgrounds or sports parks. It can also be used to build slope slides/ramps, and it can be installed directly around plants and trees. The covering can be installed almost anywhere without extensive groundwork. The base can be grass, soil, paving, crushed rock, concrete, etc. The substrate is evened out and a covering fabric installed before casting. Lets through water and nutrients, prevents water from collecting onto surfaces.

ECOSURFACE has natural pigments which fit in well with the landscape. Coloured with 100% earth pigments. The colours can be mixed with each other. Because the product is coloured with earth pigments, some colour may come off.

ECOSURFACE rubber ground covering is a safety platform for a new age. The manufacturing process begins with recycled rubber that would otherwise be used as landfill. The selected recycled rubber guarantees a high-quality rubber strip, which is then coloured with earth pigments. This creates a natural appearance, flexibility, and material softness. ECOSURFACE is long-lasting, and the rubber strips attach to each other seamlessly. The product can be used as loose covering too; in Denmark, areas lined with it have kept the snails away.

The adhesive in ECOSURFACE is a PU adhesive. The rubber structure together with the PU adhesive form a flexible and strong base. The fibre and adhesive mass can be easily spread with a trowel.


The product’s safety and use properties have been tested and certified according to English and European standards: EN1177 & EN7188. ECOSURFACE is an approved material for playgrounds and various earth and green construction sites.


- No need for digging foundations or installing other base materials
- Less adhesive needed than with other granular casts
- A 40 mm surface layer offers protection against falling from a height of 2.4 m (depending on the base), and 30 mm is sufficient for erosion protection on walkways
- Less equipment, people, and bother at the installation site


- Small areas that were too expensive before
- Areas where foundations cannot be dug
- Steep inclines, excellent for slope slides


- Natural looking strips, ideal for forest landscapes and sensitive areas
- Beautiful colours that can be mixed to bring out graphic shapes


- 100 % recycled rubber/ground covering, replacing EPDM rubber and mined materials


We will deliver the needed amount of rubber in 10 kg bags and the adhesive in 25 kg plastic canisters to the installation site in one package/pallet.

We can train your installer to install the product!