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EcoSurface tree ring, swing and slide cover

EcoSurface safety platform

The tree ring is cast out of ECOSURFACE recycled rubber material on top of a weed prevention mat. It has a slit which makes it easy to put it around a tree. The roots of the tree can grow in peace without any weeds.

The tree ring material breathes, allowing water and nutrients to pass through. The tree ring can be reused once the tree has grown strong.

Tree ring diameter 90 cm, thickness 25 mm.
Holes can be cut for support posts.

Swing wear protection is a 2.20 x 1.20 m piece that is easy to install under a swing. It can also be delivered according to custom measurements.

Post protection ring is a cast disc. The protective ring diameter is 30 cm and its thickness is 2 mm. A hole can be cut into the ring for a post/light pillar to go through, making it secure and preventing weeds.

Custom products.