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Erosion blankets

There are various fasteners available for affixing mats, which are used to avoid mats from rising up and thus from getting removed from areas that need plant protection or coverage. To get the best performance, you need to pay attention to fastener selection.

Greenfix fasteners include 200mm and 300mm steel fasteners, 300mm wooden pegs, and 150mm biofasteners.

The fasteners are suitable for use with all Greenfix erosion protection systems. When choosing your fastener, you need to account for the type of installation, the length and gradient of the slope, the soil type, and annual rainfall. Below are some common recommendations for the number of needed fasteners, based on the length and gradient of the slope and estimated run-off.

Gradient: 1:4 1:3 1:2 1:1 waterways
Number of fasteners: 1 pc/m2 2 pc/m2 2-3 pcs/m2 3 pcs/m2 3 pcs/m2


Technical information: 
Product Applications Measurements Pcs/package Weight/package Art. no.
Steel pins standard solid soil 4 mm x 200 mm 500 kpl 15 kg FP200
Steel pins medium soft soil 4 mm x 300 mm 500 kpl 20 kg FP300
Wooden pins all applications, top of pin reinforces with cross-section 10 mm x 20 mm x 300 mm 250 kpl 8 kg WP300
Bio pins 100% biodegradable eroosion blankets, biofoil blankets, turf, protecting pavings and nettings 4 mm x 150 mm 500 kpl 3 kg BP150