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Urban rooftop farming

ZinCo speciality green roofs

The number of densely populated urban centres is ever growing. As more than half of the people in the world live in cities now, there is a natural increase in the need for residential and infrastructural building. Untouched land and green zones are ever more rare, which results in the loss of agricultural land.

By utilising roof areas to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs, it is possible to gain great benefits in terms of both the environment and the economy. Urban agriculture is profitable when recycling technologies are used and if local resources are employed: rainwater and filtered grey water, solar energy, and heat from the building. On the other hand, the farming area also serves the building by cooling it down in the summer and insulating it against the cold in the winter. This is good for the building and the water insulation, as it will not be exposed to extreme temperature variations. Furthermore, the plants will improve the city climate.

In the design stage, the special requirements of the site must be accounted for, including wind, structural requirements, safety, etc..

Technical information: 







   Filter sheet TG
   Floradrain® FD 60 neo
   Protection mat ISM 50
   (Root barrier WSB PO-100)

Build-up height: min. 250 mm
Weight, saturated: min. 300 kg/m²
Water retention capacity: min. 100 l/m²