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System solution “Roof garden lite”

ZinCo intensive green roof

So far, lightweight solutions have been available only for extensive roofs. ZinCo opens up new possibilities with their product Aquatec® AT 45, which removes limitations and innovates capillary irrigation. 

The system consists of a water retention element, Aquatec® AT 45, irrigation pipes sunk into the elements, and the Wicking Mat DV 40, which moves water via wires by using capillary forces. The system is based on optimal water distribution and retention in Aquatec® AT 45 elements. Water is fed into the channels and cells of the element. It gets sucked up through the Wicking Mat wires and is thus available for the plants. 

This structure can be installed on flat roofs and roofs with a maximum gradient of 5°, including ridged roofs and inverted roofs.

The vegetation layer may consists of lawn, perennials, and small bushes (subsoil on top of mounds). 

Technical information: 







   Wicking Mat DV 40
   Aquatec® AT 45 + integrated Dripperline 100-L1
   Filter sheet PV
   (Root barrier WSB PO-100)



Build-up height: min. 150 mm
Weight, saturated: min. 180 kg/m²
Water retention capacity: min. 60 l/m²