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River Mat RM100 - biodegradable sediment pocket mat

Erosion blankets

Greenfix River Mat RM100 is a biodegradable sediment pocket mat. When attached to the bottom of a waterway and placed downstream from an affected area, the River Mat RM100 will stay flat and trap sediments that travel with the stream. Because the River Mat RM100 is flat, it will not disturb the flow of water. The mats stay in place with wooden stakes or rock weights. 

Silt may travel for up to 1000 metres in water that flows at a rate of approx. 1 m/s. Larger particles and weaker water flows limit the distance that material can travel from a construction site. River Mat is able to collect some 20 kg of sediment per square metre. The weight of a saturated River Mat varies depending on the type and sizes of the particles in the area, but you can assume a weight of approximately 80 kg per mat.

River Mats can also be used as nutrient rich biodegradable erosion mats for embankments.