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Greenfix Ero 400 embankment mats

Erosion blankets

Greenfix Ero 400 embankment mat is used at sites where stronger erosion protection is needed. Available is the Ero 400, which can be installed on the surface or to support a slope from inside the ground layers. Erosion blankets are installed inside ground layers, so that roots can grow through them and form a support structure for slopes. Structure similar to Greenfix 7 erosion blanket, 100% cocoa fibre, but comes with another cocoa net on top, so has a double structure. Weight 800-900 g/m². Greenfix Ero 400 S is a seeded embankment mat where the seeds are subsumed in soil within the mat. Weight 900-1000 g/m². Even stronger versions are available for both options: Ero700 and Ero 700 S, weight 1100-1300g/m², available on special order.