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Greenfix Covamat seed erosion blankets

Erosion blankets

GREENFIX Covamat mats are ready-seeded erosion blankets. Covamat Plus is a dry seed erosion blanket in which growth begins in a few weeks, and Covamat Fresh is a fresh seed erosion blanket with incorporated soil, so growth can begin immediately.

The most popular mat in Finland of the Covamats is type 3 with a 100% coir fibre erosion blanket. The seed erosion blanket includes selected seeds inside the blanket in recycled paper. The built-in organic fertilisers and micro-organisms further facilitate growth. The mat is reinforced by a jute net or a PP net.

The product is designed for on-ground structures such as new ramps, water guidance channels, runoff water pools, support structures for founded subsoils, lake shore areas, the protection of natural monuments, founding of flower meadows, and road ditch structures.



The best way to make new erosion protected areas, or protect existing ones, is to use Covamat ready-seeded eriosion blankets. The blankets lets through enough rainwater and protects the growth foundation, so the plants can develop fast. The blankets are made from organic materials, as coir fiber and hay. The blankets are sown together on both sides with a degradable net. Thanks to it, the blankets are strong and flexible. They protect the seeds from wind and water erosion and create optimal growing environments. In hot weather the blankets protect from drought, especially during germination. In winter they protect from mechanical erosion.

Technical information: 

- Luonnollinen kuitukerros ja ruohonsiemenet ohuessa paperikerroksessa
- Multakerros
- Lannoitteena SOF-A-100
- Kuivatettuja mikro-organismeja
- Valikoitu ruohoseos

- Natural fiber layer and seeds in a thin paper layer
- Soil layer
- SOF-A-100 fertilizer
- Dried micro-organisms
- Selected seed mixture

Additional information: 


- New founded creek and river banks
- New founded pond and lake banks
- Railway borders
- Sand pits and waste areas
- Roadsides
- Stormwater pools and water retention channels
- New meadows


1A – low performing - non-forage - specially for flood endangered areas and steep slopes, dikes and costal stripes - excellent sod-forming and erosion protective -
strong root development – also salt resistant
2A – standard fresh and moist ground - low maintenance - strong root development - erosion protective - also salt resistant
2B – for dry and stony underground - strong root development - erosion protection -
also de-icing salt-resistant
1C – as per seed mix 1A - with additional clover for poor soil conditions - most widely used mix
2C – as per seed mix 2A - with additional clover for poor soil conditions
P – for specially poor soil conditions - soils with vegetation establishment problems - erosion protection - strong root development and ground cover – de-icing salt resistant

Also available: flower seed mixture, also possible to order custom seed mixture from eg. Suomen Niittysiemen Oy or Ahonalku Oy, the chosen seed mixture will be installed in the blankets at the factory. Usually a standard seed mixture is used and the special ordered extra seeds are added to this.