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Greenfix bush erosion blanket

Weed prevention mats and ground cover fabrics

The GREENFIX bush erosion mat consists of coconut fibres and two starch foils that are sewn together. The foil layer is cross-cut, allowing water and nutrients to pass through unhindered. The starch foil forms greenhouse-like conditions underneath the mat, which allows it to retain the best possible ground moisture levels and to boost additional growth. Lifespan is 3 to 5 years. Efficiently prevents weeds from growing and retains optimal moisture.


- Plants get even humidity and develop faster
- A chemical-free solution
- Protects the ground from heat changes
- No other weed-control needed
- Covered surfaces does not need maintenance
- Easy to control material consumption
- Low installation costs
- Installation is easy and quick


Additional information: 


- Degrades, so does not have to me removed
- Fitting to use on road shoulders, in the middle green field of motorways and slopes
- For plant nurseries, plantings in cities
- For perennials, shrubs, trees, etc.
- Degrades in 3-5 years, in a shielded spot up to 7-8 years
- Durability when covered up to 10 years
- When the starch foil degrades the shoots get through and the perennials get to spred
- Green house conditions forms under the foil, which makes the plants grow faster
- Prevents harmful climate influences
- The foil permeates water and nutritients, but prevents humidity from evaporating
- Air permeability in the top layer of the fabric is 7-10 mm, which helps regulating the temperature
- Does not need fertilization, almost maintenance free areas!
- No chemicals needed
- According to an Italian study, the plants grow 2-3 times better than without a fabric
- GREENFIX 11 base degrades over time from water and CO₂