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Greenfix 11 shrub erosion mat/Mulchmat

Erosion blankets

GREENFIX 11 bush erosion mat consists of cocoa fibres and two biomembranes/starch foil layers, which have been sewn together. The biomembrane has been cut crosswise, allowing water and nutrients to move without hindrance. The biomembrane forms greenhouse-like conditions under the mat, which allow it to retain ground moisture and provide good conditions for growth. Lifespan is 3 to 5 years. Efficiently prevents weeds from growing and retains optimal moisture.


- Plants get even humidity and develop faster
- A chemical-free solution
- Protects the ground from heat changes
- No other weed-control needed
- Covered surfaces does not need maintenance
- Easy to control material consumption
- Low installation costs
- Installation is easy and quick


Technical information: 


- Degrades, so does not have to me removed
- Fitting to use on road shoulders, in the middle green field of motorways and slopes
- For plant nurseries, plantings in cities
- For perennials, shrubs, trees, etc.
- Degrades in 3-5 years, in a shielded spot up to 7-8 years
- Durability when covered up to 10 years
- When the starch foil degrades the shoots get through and the perennials get to spred
- Green house conditions forms under the foil, which makes the plants grow faster
- Prevents harmful climate influences
- The foil permeates water and nutritients, but prevents humidity from evaporating
- Air permeability in the top layer of the fabric is 7-10 mm, which helps regulating the temperature
- Does not need fertilization, almost maintenance free areas!
- No chemicals needed
- According to an Italian study, the plants grow 2-3 times better than without a fabric
- GREENFIX 11 base degrades over time from water and CO₂