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Filterpave glass paving

Filterpave glass in the mass

Filterpave glass paving is an environmentally friendly, aesthetic, and durable coating made of recycled glass.


- 100 % recycled glass
- Porous structure, permeable
- Durable when combined with adhesive
- Aesthetic


Prevents impurities from getting to the ground layer below (eg. oil, petrol).
Natural drainage layer for rainwater.
Durable, simple and breaths.

Additional information: 


FilterPave glass paving is available in five different colours and natural blend, which has basic shades of recycled glass. The colours can be mixed together.


Light traffic lanes, private parking areas, walkways, under trees and furnitures, roof gardens, golf course walkways, etc. Destinations where light snow removal, no studded tires.


FilterPave recycled glass paving has an "open structure", which means that water and nutritiens flow through into the ground below. The porous glass paving filters impurities, such as oil, petrol, hydrocarbons, etc. and because of this the ground underneath doesn't get contaminated.


Korso church, urn burial ground, 40 m2, 2015.