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Dividing wall - Wing


Wing modular system consists of individual elements that can be attached together. The Wing dividing wall comes in four (4) different sizes. The elements can be combined with colour panels, light fixtures, and plants. It is easy to build outdoor rooms of various shapes with these walls, as the elements can be attached to each other at different angles. Powder coated white RAL 9010.

Technical information: 

Wing sizes

Wing 70 outer dimensions 125 x 63 cm, height 70 cm, weight 39 kg, volume 250 litres.

Wing 160 outer dimensions 125 x 63 cm, height 160 cm, weight 42 kg.

Wing 200 outer dimensions 125 x 63 cm, height 205 cm, weight 49 kg.

Wing 250 outer dimensions 125 x 63 cm, height 250 cm, weight 56 kg.