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Biological cocoa mulch

Cocoa mulch

Cocoa mulch can be used anywhere in the garden, and it provides a beautiful background for your plants. It can be used e.g. in flower beds and under bushes and perennials. It acts both as a fertiliser and as covering that prevents weeds. If you want to prevent weeds more efficiently, you should use a weed prevention mat like the Plantex 68g. Cocoa mulch can be used in outdoor pots as well. It can also be mixed in with the soil, where it retains ground moisture better.

Only a 2 to 3 cm layer of cocoa mulch is spread evenly and is then watered, making the cocoa chips stick to each other, forming a unified surface. The product is also excellently suited for slanted substrates, because it will not slide away.

Cocoa mulch is approved for organic ground improvement for EU Plantekoratet (DK) ecological agriculture. Cocoa bark contains various minerals and trace elements, and it acts as long-term fertiliser. Plants will also survive the winter better with it.

Cocoa mulch consists of fine cocoa bean shells. Cocoa bean is a chocolate production raw material in Europe. Its special characteristic is good adhesion when spread onto a substrate. Thanks to it, the shell is porous. It permeates both water and air, while preventing the shells from flying away.

Package sizes 50 l, 1 m³ and 2 m³ big bags, available at the Nummela, Vihti pick-up storage. 

Note: Some grey covering may appear onto the mulch right after spreading/watering. This will however disappear quickly. 


- Cocoa mulch contains naturals nutritiens
- Degrades ca 1-2 cm/year
- pH-value ca 5-6, fit to use with plants that like sour growing media, such as rhododenron, hortensia, etc.
- Stays on sloping surfaces
- Can be mixed with hard clay and sand soil
- Creates optimal growth conditions
- Protects against snails 
- Aesthetically beautiful
- Prevents weed growth
- Approved as organic soil improver (EU and Plantekoratet) for organic cultivation

Technical information: 


50 l bag - 2 cm layer on 2,5 m² or 3 cm layer on 1,6 m²

Big bag 1 m³ - 2 cm layer on 50 m² or 3 cm layer on 34 m².

Big bag 2 m³ - 2 cm layer on 100 m² or 3 cm layer on 67 m².



Nitrogen content: 3,0 % (slowly released) 
Phosphorus 0,5 % (improves root growth) 
Potassium 2,6 % (improves fruit growth and blooming) 
Calcium 0,6 % 
Magnesium 0,5 % 
Iron 0,14 % 
Manganese 0,01 % 
Zink 0,01 % 
Copper 0,01 % 
pH-value: 5-6