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University of Tampere

Tampere University of Technology


There is a park-like plaza in front of the TUT Kampusareena, from where begins a slope that runs towards a garden established on the roof of the building. The slope consists of two rather steep ramps in between which there is a platform of varying width. Situated halfway through the stairs leading to the roof garden, the platform serves as the pleasant and peaceful terrace for the main university dining hall. This wider part of the platform is covered with concrete slabs, whereas grass paving has been installed in the narrower section. Apart from the planting area for perennials up top, the ramp is covered with grass, which makes the view towards the roof garden and the entire Kampusareena building strikingly green from spring until the fall of first snow.


The roof garden is one of the most significant architectural, functional, and ecological elements of Kampusareena. The roof garden provides a pleasant setting for studying and lounging as well as a nice view towards the green campus. The striking roof garden attracts users not only from Kampusareena, but also from nearby. The general appearance of the roof garden is very green, as most of its surface area is covered in grass and plantations. The uniform concrete pavement creates the lounging recesses with benches as well as a passage through the entire area; from the western slope towards the stairs on the eastern side.


The vegetation on the roof garden serves both an aesthetic and a practical function. The plants slow down the accumulation of runoff water, even out the temperature variations in the building, improve the quality of air, and increase the biodiversity of the area. The roof garden plantations consists mainly of perennials organised into large groups of a few species each. The perennial species have been chosen from among reliable common plants - these are lady’s-mantle, geraniums, barren strawberry, and heartleaf. In addition to perennials, there is some lace shrub, and the rest of the green area is planted with grass. All plants have started growing well, and the different patterns created by the different plants are well discernible. Special attention has been paid to the borders between the areas - these are clean and create a stylish and finished look. In terms of maintenance, the grass ramp between the deck and the lower yard is the most challenging section due to its steepness; elsewhere, the yard maintenance has been made easier with borders and sand coverings. Overall, the yard maintenance has been excellently looked after. 

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