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Weedkiller ground cover fabric 120g/m²

Weed prevention mats and ground cover fabrics

Weedkiller ground cover fabric 120 g/m² is made of polypropylene, UV-protection 3 to 5 years. Its fibre thickness has been selected to let through a minimum amount of light. The fabric’s coarse underside has been manufactured by melting the fibres together, meaning that the vegetation underneath cannot penetrate through the fabric. The manufacturing method, material, and structure ensure good water permeability, a long-term effect, and notable savings compared to mechanical or chemical weed prevention.

Weedkiller is a needle felt fabric that is coloured black and does not need to be covered. Its lifespan is 10 to 20 years. Roll sizes are 2 x 100 m and 5 x 100 m. The price is € 1.10 /m² (VAT 0 %). Ask for a quote when ordering larger batches!

Technical information: 

Weight: 120 g/m²
Width: 2 or 5 m
Lenght: 100 m
Colour: black
Material: polypropylen
Lenght of UV-resistance: 3 - 5 years
Tensile strenght: 7,5 kN/m
Water permeability: 105 l/m²s
Duration: 10 - 25 years


- Even humidity
- Plants grow better
- A chemical-free solution
- Protects the ground from heat changes
- No other weed-control needed
- Easy to control material consumption
- Low installation costs
- Easy installation