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Solar panels on green roofs

ZinCo speciality green roofs

ZinCo has expanded the benefits of green roofs by developing solar panel support structures. With the innovative Solar Base solution, it is possible to integrate solar power into a green roof system without penetrating the roof structure. The green roof structure will keep the solar panel structure in place with its own weight. Solar panels can be used to generate electricity and to heat water.

Incorporating solar energy can be seen as a valuable ecological benefit of the green roof. It does its part in promoting building pursuant to new building regulations, environmental standards, and assessments. The system also creates synergic benefits, as combining solar panels with a green roof improves their efficiency considerably.

Technical information: 

    Solar panel


   Solar Base Frame SGR




   Sedum seedlings or cuttings
   Solar Base SB 200
   Fixodrain® XD 20
   (Root barrier WSF 40 and Filter sheet PV)