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Plantex Gold 125 g/m²

Weed prevention mats and ground cover fabrics

PLANTEX GOLD 125g/m² is the strongest product in the PLANTEX family. It is a weed prevention mat for professionals! This fabric is recommended to be used under crushed rock or decorative stone as well.

PLANTEX GOLD is a thermally hot pressed fabric that is 100% made of polypropylene, and it is resistant to chemicals and alkalis. It’s UV-resistance lasts for four years as per European UV-exposure. The fabric’s brown surface is better suited for plantations, and the black underside provides additional resistance against UV-radiation. Uncovered, the fabric’s lifespan is no less than 3 - 5 years, or 15 - 25 years if covered.

PLANTEX GOLD is the most efficient and aesthetical solution that can be used without covering material.

PLANTEX GOLD roll sizes are 2 x 50 m, 2 x 100 m and 5.2 x 100 m. Price is € 1.25/m2 (VAT 0 %). Ask for a quote if ordering larger batches!


PLANTEX GOLD is a weed prevention mat that has good water (70 l/m²/s), air, and nutrition permeability, however without allowing weeds to grow through. The fabric retains the moisture and heat of the earth, lets the ground breathe, and provides the plants with the conditions they need to grow quickly and remain undamaged. The fabric has a non-woven consistency, so it will not come undone, it is easy to cut, and it works perfectly as a weed preventer in plantations or nurseries, etc.


It is sometimes difficult to find a covering that will stay in place on e.g. steep road slopes and ramps. The covering is either flushed away by rain or scattered by strong winds. PLANTEX GOLD is the best solution to this problem. It does not need to be covered. At the same time, the erosion caused by rain and air effects is reduced. PLANTEX GOLD can also be used to line the shores of ponds, lakes, and directed waterways. It will not affect the water quality! No organic components will be dissolved into the water that could cause algae to grow. It can also be used to protect the rubber lining of a pond, in which case it is installed below and above the rubber liner.


PLANTEX GOLD has no effect on soil, air, or water quality. It presents no harm to people, animals, or any other living organisms.

Technical information: 

Weight: 125 g/m² 
Thickness: 2kN/m² EN ISO 10319 mm 0,45
Tensile strenght: EN ISO 10319 kN/m 7,8
Elongation at break: EN ISO 10319 % 60
Static puncture resistance: EN ISO 12236 N 1050
Dynamic puncture: EN 918 mm 27
Tear restistance: ASTM D4533 N 300
Opening size: EN ISO 12956 mm 0,125
Water permeability: EN ISO 11058 mm/s 60

Product information

Colour: brown (top side) and black (underneath)
Material: 100 % polypropylen
Melting point: 165°C
Duration: at least 3-5 years without coverage, with coverage 15-25 years.

Additional information: 


The fabric needs to be overlappad ca 10 cm, it is a good idea to dig the edges into the ground. The fabric can be fixed with wood or steel pins.