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MIA Geomembrane LLDPE


MIA Geomembrane LLDPE is a soft and easy-to-work membrane for large and small installations. LLDPE membranes have a lower density than HDPE, are thus softer and do not have the same high chemical resistance. LLDPE is often used on top cover of landfills, ditches and other structures where there is a need to shape the fabric.

The membrane is available in two different surface layers; completely smooth and textured on both sides. Textured means that the membrane has been provided with a friction-increasing layer. When the ground is sloping, it is important to use textured membranes to increase the friction with the surrounding material. The textured product is also available as embossed. The embossed texture is designed in connection with the product being manufactured, which constitutes a homogeneous product. LLDPE membrane is now also available with a white side.