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Hay/meadow roof with seed erosion blanket

Erosion blankets

A flower meadow or a hay roof can be made with a seed erosion blanket and ZinCo Floradrain 40 water retaining- and drainage element. The benefit of the seed erosion blanket Covamat F3 fireproof is that the seeds and fertilisers will not drain away with rainwater or the wind, but they will stay in place and guarantee a growing start. We have implemented several roofs with this method. The standard size for the seed erosion blanket is 2.4 x 25 m, that is 60 m².
A quickly finished result is obtained by using Covamat fresh seed erosion blankets where the seeds are mixed in with soil. For more information see the Covamat seed erosion blanket.

A meadow roof can be tailored to your needs and desires, the seeds can be selected from our standard list (see brochure below) or you can make a fully customised seed bank with your own choice of seeds that are ordered from Finland (e.g. Suomen Niittysiemen Oy) and added directly into the blanket at the factory. 

The structure image can be found here.