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Greenfix 7 erosion blanket

Erosion blankets

Greenfix 7 erosion blanket is used to prevent erosion e.g. on ramps, terraces or new water conduction canals. Seeds and fertilisers are sprayed either onto the erosion blanket or underneath it. A layer of humus is used when spraying onto the surface. The cocoa mat is reinforced with a PP-net. The product is 100% cocoa, weight 700 to 800g/m². Roll size 2.4 x 30 m, 1.2 x 30 m available by special order.
Greenfix 4, 5, and 6 erosion blankets also available on order.
B type erosion blankets are made with jute netting and are completely natural, no PP-net included.


The upper and lower edge of the blanket can be dug into the ground 20-30 cm, otherwise 1 to 4 metal or wooden fasteners per square meter are used.