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Gabion blankets - gabion basket solution

Erosion blankets

GREENFIX have expanded their selection to include a covering solution for gabion baskets - a new innovation to create green walls!

GREENFIX GABION BLANKETS™ are a combination of the EROMAT and a felt stitched onto it, which will prevent the loss of soil. The high-quality EROMAT, with an evenly placed fibre mix, is essential in protecting the felt against UV rays, increasing its lifespan and creating a natural covering. Instead of using an expensive rock filling, it is possible to use local soil, which will decrease construction costs.

A non-complicated way to get immediately green gabion baskets is to plant climbing plants such as ivy, clematis, creepers, or roses in front of the gabion baskets. This method is particularly suitable for tall gabion walls, as the plants will use the GREENFIX GABION BLANKETS™ and baskets as scaffolding.