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Fireproof erosion blanket f3

Erosion blankets

Fireproof erosion blankets are used where there is a need to account for fireproofing in erosion protection sites, e.g. close to commercial buildings, service stations, and railroad tracks. Natural fibres can be used, but fireproofed products are chosen.

The fireproof seagrass mat is tested in accordance to DIN 4102-1. Available are the F3 erosion blanket with 100% seagrass and the ready-seeded F3-Covamat erosion blanket that comes with soil included. Additionally the F3-Rockmat, which is a metal net reinforced seagrass mat.

Roll sizes:

F3 Erosion blanket: 1.2x60 m and 2.4x42 m

F3-Covamat: 1.2x30 m and 2.4x25 m

F3-Rockmat: 1.20x25 m