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EPDM rubber mat


EPDM rubber mat can be used to cover waste stations, to line water pools, in drains, and to protect groundwater. It can be seamed to be completely tight, and feedthroughs for pipes can be made with tight protection pieces. The rubber mat moves along with soil settlement and movement. It can withstand mechanical, chemical, and biological stress, and it will not become brittle like e.g. a bentonite mat. The product is more durable than any other similar product!


- Vulcanised rubber mat
- EPDM is part of the POLYFINER product family
- Elastic and strong (can withstand maximum loads regardless of the temperature)
- Very flexible (can withstand soil settlement and movement)
- Suitable for all base materials with no risk of overloading
- Soft and adaptable with no air bubbles or holes
- Elasticity and insulation capacity retained even in low temperatures (e.g. in Northern climates)
- UV and ozone resistant (protects even if not covered)
- Can withstand chemicals well (can be used in areas that have been treated with chemicals)
- Thermobond heat bonding with a thermal wedge and canal lining
- Can be easily glued onto its base materials, e.g. concrete, wood, and metal
- Mat border finishes and feedthrough details with ready-made feesthrough pieces
- Smaller, even long lasting leaks can be fixed with no problem
- Geomembrane has been used for many years (in Sweden for 30 years)