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Product News

Helsinki Horse Show Expo 24-27.10.2019, we are demonstrating Ecoraster ground cells for equestrian needs.

Golf expo 2019 Helsinki, 15-17.3.2019. We are demonstrating permeable surface materials such as the Ecosurface rubber grist, Ecoraster ground cells, Ecobloxx runoff water cells and the Filterpave glass in the mass.

Horse Fair 6-7.3.2019 Tampere. We are demonstrating the Ecoraster soil support cell for stables and riding fields, which can be used for example to reinforce the entrances to pastures. It prevents the horses’ hooves from sinking into the soil and thus prevents hoof diseases.

Oulu Builder Fair 12-14.3. 2019. Green roof brochures available at the Katman Oy stand.

Communal Infrastructure 2019 Exhibit 15-16.5.2019 Jyväskylä. We are demonstrating products for environmental construction.

Municipal Market Fair 11-12.9.2019 Community Building, Helsinki. We are demonstrating products for environmental construction.

Welcome to the Green Days & Technology Fair in Jyväskylä 6-7.2.2019! At our stand, we are demonstrating the expansive ZinCo Green Roof system, innovative planter pools and fixtures, as well as Danish Milford products for the welfare of streetside trees. Welcome to our fair stand 319!

There are two Eg-Trading Oy information events at the Green Days Green Arena:

On Wednesday 6.2 at 14.15, Kristine Bergstain from Millford P/S Denmark gives a talk on the welfare of street trees ""Combining trees and surface water: lessons learned from Copenhagen."" The talk lasts for 10 minutes in English.

On Thursday 7.2 at 12.15 Eg-Trading Oy is providing information on the topic ""Water-permeable surface materials at landscaping sites and runoff water areas"". Lasts for 10 minutes

Welcome to the Helsinki Horse Show 17-21.10.2018! We are demonstrating Ecoraster ground cells for horse stables, wet pastures, and riding fields.

Stonecrop species are in bloom at our Tammisaari cultivation field!

Welcome to the Northern Finland Builder Fair in Oulu 20-22.4.2018, where we are demonstrating green roofs!

The first willow wall elements were installed at the Korkeasaari Zoo Finnish section by the moose enclosure in the summer of 2017, their viewing shelters also use Ecosurface erosion prevention surface materials, aluminium edge strips, stonecrop green roofs, and hanging biomodules. The installation of new green roofs and willow wall elements continues with deer fences in the spring of 2018.

The Green Days seminars were attended by nice crowds, and the seminar lectures are available on the Eg-Trading Oy Millford park product page/urban trees, Anrin/surface water drain troughs, and Diadem green roof/social roof gardens.

Welcome to the Green Days & Technology event at the Jyväskylä Pavillion 14-15.2.2018, our stand number is 319. We are taking part at the Green Technology exhibit as an exhibitor, and we would like to invite you to come and see our stand number 319 and take part in our free seminars on 15.2. Register as a fair visitor in advance free of charge, print out a name label and take with you when you attend the fair.

Welcome to the Green Days & Technology event at the Jyväskylä Pavillion 8-9.2.2017, our stand number is 319. You are welcome to check out our new products Anrin surface water drain troughs and Pilebygg willow noise barriers. We are also demonstrating Flora planter pools and dividing walls that can be used to divide up spaces both indoors and outdoors.

Welcome to the Greentech 12-14.10.2016 fair in Helsinki, we are at the VYRAN shared stand number 310! We are demonstrating the Ecosurface safety platform and other products in our range, welcome!

Welcome to the Roadways and Traffic fair in the Tampere building 7-8.9.2016, where we are demonstrating our new product for this year, the Pilebygg willow noise barrier. Johannes Falk from Denmark is showing the willow noise barrier system, which has been is use since 1988.

Our new products for 2016 are Pilebygg willow noise barriers, which have a service life of up to 40 years. The other side of the willow noise barrier takes on an aesthetic grey colour and the other side can be built as a living green willow wall!  Our other new product is the Flora planter pool, vine ladder, and dividing wall range.The products are available in RAL colours.

The Nordic Green Roof product range is growing with the addition of biotope boxes. We can now enliven stonecrop green roofs with taller stonecrop species by building hillocks on the green roof!

Filterpave glass in the mass was selected as one of the most interesting new products at the Lepaa anniversary exhibit in 2015!

We are involved in a green roof university study http://www.luomus.fi/fi/viides-ulottuvuus-viherkatot-osaksi-kaupunkia. Five different types of biomats are currently being installed for the green roof experiment at the Meilahti Sports Hall green roof experiment site. The area is one of the EU Life+ green roof case study sites.

A ground cover fabric for a new era Eg Weed UB 100%, the biological and decomposing mat. Our biomat is part of the EU Life+ case study follow-up project. The case study sites are in the region of Espoo, Helsinki, and Vantaa, and the total follow-up surface area is 5400m2. There are similar other case study sites within the EU, and they can be followed at http:/www.renew4gpp.com/weed-control/pilot-site-espoo-helsinki-vantaa/

In the spring of 2012, we started the cultivation of the first Finnish Nordic Green Roof stonecrop mat, which is a fully domestic, certifiably fireproof product for green roofs. The stonecrop mat contains several species, which is why stonecrop mats can survive at different locations throughout Finland. Fast delivery! We have been selling the Nordic Green Roof green roof system in Finland since 2004!