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Kalasatama, Helsinki has different kinds of green roofs, including Nordic Green Roof™ stonecrop green roofs and Diadem roof gardens.

EcoSurface, Puuppola playground, 40 mm of safety platform provides protection against falling from a height of 2.4 m. Adjacent areas where there is no need for falling protection have been cast at a thickness of 30 mm.

Hyvinkään Tieluiska Oy, Main road 51 Kivenlahti-Kirkkonummi, ESPOO. 1500 m2 Eg Weed UB biomat installed on plantation areas.

Stonecrop green roofs were installed at the Kontula Service Home in Helsinki for a couple of years in a row.

Green roofs have been installed on both cold entrance cantilevers and over living quarters.

A Soilblock ground cell installed onto a road/parking area leading to a beach. Filling cells with soil and greening.

The traditional Weedkiller weed prevention mat installed at the planting areas of the site together with the shrubbery planting mat Greenfix 9/Mulchmat.

Installing stonecrop mat onto the ground.

Protecting slope areas with the Greenfix 9 shrub erosion prevention mat, Vantaa, 2009 and 2011. A shrubbery erosion prevention mat installed on top of a Geoweb slope cell system to protect the slope against erosion and to optimise the growth of shrubs. A slope cell system installed under a shrubbery erosion prevention mat due to waterflow/soil collapse caused by a road connection.

Supporting slopes with the Covamat seed erosion prevention mat,

Thurmanninpuisto park, Kauniainen, 2011.

Supporting basins with the COVAMAT seed erosion prevention mat, seed mix for wet locations, Kallvikintie runoff water basins, Espoo, 2011.

Covamat dry seed erosion prevention mat installed to support and generate plant coverage for a newly built runoff water canal/runoff water solution, Vakanalunen, Järvenpää, 2011.

Kylmäoja, Vantaa, support by Greenfix 7 erosion prevention mat and coconut roll, erosion protection and plant generation by Covamat Type 3 seed mat. Hyvinkään Tieluiska Oy, constructor.

Covering the Vuosaari interchange green areas with the Plantex Gold weed prevention mat.

Suurpelto, Henttaankaari 10, ESPOO. Kehä 2 ring road, Olarintie interchange. Prevention of surface erosion and weeds 1000 m2 EgWeed UB biomat.

Installed by Hyvinkään Tieluiska Oy.

Ditch sides reinforced with Covamat seed erosion mat year 2012.

Vantaa City snow dump, Koisotie 10, plantation areas covered by Eg Weed UB biomat 1500 m2.

Intersection of Talvikkitie and Läntinen Valkoistenlähteentie roads, Vantaa. Noise barrier plantations Eg Weeb UB biomat.

Tapaninkyläntie road, Helsinki. 150 m2 Eg Weed UB biomat on plantation areas.

Agroksenmäki 850 m2 Eg Weed UB biomat installed on plantation areas to prevent light surface erosion and to keep weeds away.

Installing stonecrop mat onto the ground, roundabout 2 pcs, Salo.