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A steep green roof. Geoweb cell systems, Diadem products, and Nordic Green Roof™ stonecrop mats used on the site.

EcoSurface safety platform installed at the Valkeisen puisto playground.

Stonecrop green roofs on the courtyard building roofs with vine wires and Milford Corten planter pools.

Site uses a Nordic Green Roof™ stonecrop green roof, Diadem roof garden cells Diadrain 25, and Diadem KSE inspection boxes, planter pools implemented with Diadem Diadrain 40 cells and Plantex ground cover fabric. 

Ecosurface safety platform installed onto slope slides. The product also works as an erosion covering.

Ecosurface safety platform areas built in the fortress area and under playground equipment.

Ecosurface platform under some trees.

Slope reinforced with Geoweb, covered with a perennial mat.

Ecosurface platform installed in a roof lounging area of a shopping centre in Sweden.

Ecosurface safety platform installed under playground equipment.

Covamat seed erosion blanket installed on a ramp.

Green roof on our entrance canopy.

Installing the Greenfix 10 erosion blanket onto a slope.

The Kruunuhaka tenants’ association chose this site for yard of the year 2017!

Implemented with Milford edge strips, Diadem cells, and Plantex ground cover fabric.

Different kinds of green roofs have been implemented at this site, including Nordic Green Roof™ stonecrop green roofs and Diadem roof gardens.

At this site, NGR stonecrop green roofs have been installed onto roofs and at ground level on the roof of a parking garage as well as up high.

The roofs are blossoming thanks to their diverse selection of species.