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Ecoraster cells installed onto a horse pasture in 2019. Pictures taken before and during installation.

Installed in 2019.

Stonecrop mat green roof in Tampere, installed in 2019. Pictures taken right after installation.

Slope supported by a Geoweb cell system, on top of which a shrub mat has been installed.

Installed in 2019-2020.

Shrub mat on the roof of a water tank, installed in 2019.

EcoSurface safety platform cast under playground equipment, otherwise the surrounding areas are made with sand.

EcoSurface safety platform cast at a thickness of 40 mm next to a trampoline and at 30 mm inside the zoo as maintenance passages.

EcoSurface, slope, done in 2015.

EcoSurface safety platform cast at a thickness of 40 mm provides protection against falling from a height of 2.4 m. Playground, approximately 500 m2.

EcoSurface installed underneath playground equipment at the Puistokylä school playground.

EcoSurface 30 mm puiden alustana. Kohteet mm. Helsingin kansainvälinen koulu ja Kamppi sisäpiha/Sammonkuja 2.

EcoSurface, year 2011, Sananjalankuja 3, Vantaa. 40 mm of Ecosurface installed at a playground.

Geoweb cells installed onto steep slopes. The upper sections of the Geoweb are injected into existing bedrock with rebars. Soil dump and Greenfix 7 normal coconut erosion mat on the surface with perennials.

Geoweb kennostoa asennettiin luiska-alueille Jokiniementien liittymästä valuvan veden aiheuttamien maasortumien vuoksi.

Geoweb, Pakkala, Vantaa. Hyvinkään tieluiska Oy installed Geoweb cells onto slopes to support the soil. The cells were greened.

Geoweb, Vantaa Koski station. Steep ramp areas are supported with ramp cells and filled with macadam and soil. There is a stonecrop area in the middle for decoration.

Installation on the ground.

The courtyard roofs were implemented with the Nordic Green Roof™ system. The upper roof is exposed to sunlight, and Caucasian stonecrop has taken over. 6 to 8 species are visible on the lower roof in semi-shade. The growth varies according to location. The height difference between the roofs is only 1.5 m.

In Merivalkama of Espoo, several different green roofs can be seen, including Nordic Green Roof™ stonecrop roofs, grass, and meadows. The buildings here are at different levels, so the green roofs are used to increase the visibility of green areas in a built environment.